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Giving Tuesday


Please consider donating time or money to support our community work. We have seen the shifting needs of pain from loneliness and many have ended their lives because they didn’t have anyone who can stand with them, and so we fill in this gap. Will you stand for youth, seniors, the new immigrants, refugees, international students, and those that are new to the city? Thank you for supporting our work in advance.

Now you can get involved regardless of your location, age, gender, race, or religion. We welcome you to join us from anywhere around the world!

The pain:

  • Many people are struggling with loneliness and social isolation. For most people being alone sucks!

Simple solutions:

  • We are expanding our open talk cafe far and wide
  • We are campaigning to use a sidewalk conversation
  • We are advocating the use of Social Rx not just for seniors but for youth also

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